Data & AI Specialists

From ambitious graduates to experienced experts, our programs build, enhance and enrich the skillsets of technical specialists, delivering maximum impact for the individual and the organization.

The race to upskill

AI requires advanced competencies in mathematics, machine learning, statistics and programming. Ambitious organizations know that they need to build their skillsets in these disciplines – now. But demand for these skills already exceeds supply by some distance. And with AI becoming an increasingly critical competitive factor, the shortfall is unlikely to improve any time soon.

Our programs are designed to bridge the skills gap. 

From beginners to experts

Gain has developed structured training systems to upskill existing technical teams and – crucially – to recruit and develop ambitious, high-caliber new talent. We provide a three-year development track, from 'bootcamps' for rookies to advanced engineering and integration programs for the most experienced professionals.

At all stages of training and development, we are laser-focused on solving real-world problems, delivering measurable business value and building strong leadership and communication skills.

Our programs are designed around four key themes:

  • Impact & Opportunities: Applying a structured approach to identifying opportunities within your company, designing a change approach and understanding essential business applications.
  • Leadership & Change: Building and communicating powerful business cases and managing delivery teams with multiple stakeholders.
  • Data & Technology: Creating automatic data feeds to your model, operationalizing your model in production and setting up a cloud environment.
  • Machine Learning & Statistics: Building and optimizing various types of (advanced) algorithms, implementing model performance management and knowing how to apply AI responsibly.
Over 15 years of leadership in AI and data analytics, we have developed a proven method for building high quality teams of AI engineers and data scientists. Our specialist programs will help you recruit and train new talent, develop advanced skills within existing teams and embed strong business and leadership skills into the corporate culture.
The Gain modules are the most valuable work-related trainings that I've had. Skills around problem-solving, with hypothesis trees and prioritizing solutions through sizing, are skills that I use on a daily basis and will use until I retire.
Gain program participant
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