Business Leaders

We help ambitious, forward-thinking business leaders to understand and realize the unprecedented AI opportunity, giving them the tools they need to successfully steer AI and data transformation.

Our programs combine theory and practical work, tailored to address the specific requirements of your organization. Our objective is to support you at every step as you build a new AI-native culture and embed it into the DNA of your organization. Leadership programs are built around four key practice themes:

Understanding AI concepts & opportunities

Gain a holistic overview of AI and how to define and place AI in the technology landscape. Understand the various AI techniques available, and when each technique should be applied. Explore how AI is reshaping business models by leveraging algorithms in automated systems and analyze the key challenges and opportunities that have emerged from these transitions. 

Demystifying AI algorithms

Learn the fundamentals of developing and managing organizations that run more and more on AI algorithms, as well as the questions to pose at each stage of the development cycle. Understand the underlying statistical mechanisms of machine learning and AI through real-world case studies.

You don't have to be a data scientist or AI engineer to lead an AI-native organization. But you do have to understand the processes and technologies involved, and how to apply them responsibly and effectively to ensure a successful transformation. For over ten years, our leadership programs have helped some of the world's most successful business leaders to acquire this understanding.
This really is life changing. By far the best educational program that I have experienced in the last 20 years.
Board Member
Rewire Client
Gain leads the world in delivering programs to support the development of a new generation of leaders – a generation that will be defined by its ability to make decisions in a world increasingly dominated by algorithms and AI.

Building a robust AI technology foundation

Understand the different ‘layers’ in a typical AI architecture, the types of technologies that underpin them and the role they play within the AI ecosystem. Connect infrastructure, data, models and applications to integrate AI into processes and workflows. 

Accelerating AI impact 

Sharpen your understanding of where value from AI can be found in your business, and how to identify and prioritize use cases based on a robust theory of change. Learn how to design projects in a dynamic business environment and how to build and manage teams with the optimal combination of business, technical and interpersonal skills. Ultimately, the ability to deliver AI transformation at scale is as much a cultural challenge as a technical one.

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