Our Approach

AI transformation only succeeds if it’s fused into the DNA of your organization. As educators and AI practitioners, we help you achieve this by delivering value-led training to business leaders as well as data and AI specialists.

Gain provides high-value bespoke training for teams across the organization – from data literacy crash courses to strategic leadership topics and advanced AI engineering.

More than algorithms

To realize AI value, and long before a single line of code is written, business teams need to learn new approaches to problem solving and understand where best to focus their attention. Key to this is understanding how to build a business case and communicate it effectively. Only then can you reap the rewards of highly specialized technical skills and AI algorithms.

To ride the AI opportunity, you’ll need to develop new ways of thinking and new skills for solving them. Gain delivers tailored programs that inject the fresh thinking and build the skills necessary to scale a data-first, AI-native culture.

Value from day one

Our programs are categorized according to business and technical skill domains, career paths and competency levels, and designed to deliver business value immediately. After establishing first principles, participants use challenges they’re currently facing as the basis for the use cases they develop. This makes the learning more relevant and practical. It also kickstarts the process of building native AI thinking into the wider organization, delivering immediate benefits as the training progresses.

Strategic transformation

We understand that for transformation to take hold, it has to permeate the organization from top to bottom and across all lines of business. We work with leaders and decision makers to understand how to steer AI development responsibly and build internal skills to support long-term adoption and scalability of AI and data-led operations. With over 15 years of experience in tailoring AI and data science training for corporate clients, Gain has a deep understanding of the steps required to introduce, embed and scale AI across business and technical teams.

Change the way you think

From individual mindset to corporate culture: Gain provides a structured methodology for analyzing problems, exploring solutions and optimizing outcomes.

Focus on value

Theory and principles are easier to retain if they're applied to solving real-life problems. So that's how we teach.

Acquire and develop your AI talent

AI will not replace people with machines, but it will change how people and machines work together. Gain helps you find and develop the talent to take your organization forward in an AI-powered world.

Standardize and scale

Our modular training, training operations platform and our 'train the trainer' program facilitate the acquisition of critical AI expertise – at scale. This helps accelerate AI transformation throughout the organization.

What if we could help you embed AI at the heart of your business and transform the way you work, starting today?
We can.
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