A short, intensive course for business leaders to understand what are the fundamental principles of AI and machine learning, internalize AI thinking and understand how best to steer the organization through AI transformation responsibly, sustainably and profitably.

Transforming into an AI-native organization involves making essential changes – to your operating model, your business systems, your culture and your ethical and control frameworks. 

Business leaders play a critical role in managing this scale of change. Our AI Executive Training provides the core skills and tools necessary to achieve concrete results. You will learn how to:

  • Establish a shared understanding of AI concepts and AI terminology
  • Define the executive´s role in an AI project and in leading an AI transformation
  • Define key success factors for implementing AI at your organization, such as strategy, transformation, AI ethics and governance

The two-day course is available in-person or online, with tailored content according to specific use cases. 

For business leaders and senior executives, the ability to inspire and enable AI transformation is critical to long-term success. We ensure that leadership has a strong understanding of the fundamentals of AI and requirements for transformation, to maximize opportunity and minimize risk for all stakeholders.

Assessing the AI opportunity:

Understand the basics – what AI is (and is not), and what business opportunities it might bring.

Making AI work:

Gain a broad understanding of algorithms and supporting technologies – how AI works and how to scale it effectively.

Managing AI:

Understand the importance of accuracy, transparency and control in AI, and explore potential ethical issues that may arise from new ways of doing business and more pervasive use of data.

Organizing for AI change:

Investigate the key concepts, obstacles and drivers of the organizational change required to shape and operate AI sustainably, to minimize risk and to manage costs.

To embrace AI transformation, leaders need to obtain a fundamental understanding of what AI is, the opportunities and risks it presents, and how to manage change and innovation in a safe and responsible way. On completion of our AI Executive Training course, participants will have a sound understanding of the principles and practicalities of AI, and a roadmap to steer an AI transformation.
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