Give the rising stars within your data teams the skills and confidence to realize their full potential – to drive the management agenda and lead the way in the transformation to an AI-native organization.

Building world-class leadership in data, analytics and AI, this in-person program consists of eight days, delivered in two-day modules over approximately six months. Like all Gain programs, it is tailored to your business, with participants working on your specific challenges to ensure value, relevance and durability of learning. 

We help develop both interpersonal and technical skills, along with strategic and executional management capabilities, broadly covering four key themes:

Leadership: A deep-dive into personal leadership style, authenticity, growth areas and team impact, built around a 360º analysis of personal strengths and development opportunities.

Vision: Create an AI strategy for a real-world business scenario and translate it to a multi-year roadmap. Maximize success rates by building trust-based relationships and inspiring others with your vision.

Execution: Steer and challenge the analytical process, master the technology and empower your teams to build impactful and reliable models and implement algorithms in end-to-end systems. 

Scale: Scale the generative AI solutions you develop with strong change management and stakeholder communication skills. Involving and motivating the relevant people, and making the right strategic choices from the start, will ensure adoption – and therefore scalability – of your AI solutions.

We encourage the formation of strong personal and professional bonds within cohorts, and host dinners at the beginning and end of the six months period to foster a culture of shared values and common language.

Gain's Data and AI Leadership Program is a course that offers a unique combination of management education and domain expertise development. We apply practical learnings from real-world problems to embed AI, machine learning and data analytics into the DNA of the organization, and to create the next generation of business leaders driving long-term strategic success.
We already see a major change in our team, which has developed their own projects after finalizing the bootcamp phase. Especially in their methodology and approach towards developing use cases, from validating business need and sizing, to data and model development and finally to business application
Sharon Mintz
Head of the Advanced Analytics department, IDB
What if we could help you navigate the noise of GenAI to identify transformative applications for your business…
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