Gain Philosophy

Over 15 years, we've helped thousands of executives, managers and data and AI professionals to realize their potential, deliver real business value and steer their organizations through the process of AI-powered transformative change. 

While our business environment is in constant motion, our core beliefs remain unchanged.

AI is everybody's business

Gain is a world-class provider of AI training courses with a single focus: to create value by enabling organizations to become AI-native. We deliver training programs for all stakeholders at every level and in every function. This is because communication, business and leadership skills are as important as technical capabilities when embedding AI and data into the DNA of the organization. 

AI is transformative. Training should be too.

We strive to deliver a transformative experience for every individual that trains with us. By inspiring people to think, work and solve problems in new and transformative ways, we enable entire organizations to forge new business models and scale new heights of innovation, value creation and growth. 

Gain’s mission is to embed AI into the DNA of your organization. Our programs are designed to give all relevant stakeholders, across the entire business, the knowledge, skills and tools to realize the potential of AI transformation.

Everyone has a role to play in AI and data transformation.

Our courses are designed to create a common language and shared intellectual framework within which technical and non-technical teams can fruitfully collaborate. As such, they are all built around four key themes:

  • Impact & opportunities: Identify value creation opportunities and translate them to AI transformation plans with impact.
  • Leadership & change: Lead and drive AI transformation at team level and for the organization as a whole.
  • Machine learning & statistics: Understand statistics and machine learning techniques and apply them to new data models and algorithm design.
  • Data & technology: Understand the tools and technologies needed to operationalize AI and data within business systems and applications.

Capability building is not a one-off event but a continuous process. 

We aim to add value throughout the individual's career. Our courses are delivered in modular format, tailored to address real and specific business challenges. And with standardized, integrated systems and certifications, we create scalable, sustainable training pathways that evolve as participants progress. In this way, we embed a culture of continuous learning in client organizations, developing internal trainer teams to support long-term sustainability and scalability of the knowledge and skills acquired.

We practice what we preach.

Gain faculty staff are all highly experienced AI and data practitioners, with deep technical skills and commercial experience built from working in some of the world's most innovative companies. But domain expertise is not enough to be a great teacher. Crucially, faculty members are also trained and qualified as professional educators – and update their training skills regularly.

Everybody wants to do data science but not everybody has the complete skills and knowledge. People learn statistics, people learn math, people learn business... but this program gives you a full picture. Here we learn how you look at the business, how you identify business problems and how you solve them.
Vinila Sista
Statistical Analyst, Transamerica US

Our Clients
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