Impact Study


Adevinta is a European online classifieds leader, operating digital marketplaces in 10 European countries. Adevinta operated both generalist and specialist sites in real estate, motors and jobs, including leading online brands such as Marktplaats, and leboncoin.


Data is at the heart of Adevinta’s business. Alongside its unique market position and knowledge of products, customers and behaviors, the company’s data operations have the potential to deliver huge competitive advantage. To do this well, the business needs to instill a truly data-driven culture internally. This involves developing a common language across business and technical functions, and equipping the entire workforce with the tools they need to drive insight and value from the company’s rich data assets.


We created integrated programs to give teams across the organization the technical, analytical, business and collaboration skills necessary to become a data-driven company. For business teams, programs focused on finding opportunities, structuring problems and using data to solve them, and creating data-driven business plans. Technical teams were provided with intensive training in data and AI, alongside development of their program management and leadership skills. This will allow them to lead and drive value across the organization. Teams on both sides learned more about what their counterparts do, in order to collaborate better.


More than 600 people have participated in the program, responding with outstanding evaluations and NPS. Business teams have identified a number of new business initiatives, of which many have been successfully implemented yielding around €15m impact. Technical teams have designed and sized different AI-use cases to develop, and more than 20 trainers have been trained to expand and embed the program throughout the organization.

Impact stats
Participation from across the business, with outstanding evaluations and NPS
Trainers trained
To expand and embed the program throughout the organization.
Potential revenue uplift
From new business initiatives identified and/or implemented
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