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We fuel AI scalability by strengthening AI capability.

Our training programs combine IQ with AI to define a new era of performance and possibility.

Impossible no more

We are Data & AI partner to the leaders of tomorrow.

We build training programs that fuse AI into your DNA at every level of your organisation.

By combining the strengths of Human and Artificial intelligence, we enable your teams to continually advance performance to new, previously impossible horizons.

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No train, no gain.

Why becoming an AI-native enterprise requires training the entire organisation.

Read the AI training imperative

A cross-organization curriculum designed to create immediate value pools in your enterprise.

AI Executive Training

For business leaders and senior executives, the ability to inspire and enable AI transformation is critical to long-term success. We ensure that leadership has a strong understanding of the fundamentals of AI and requirements for transformation, to maximize opportunity and minimize risk for all stakeholders.

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Data & AI Leadership Program   

Gain’s Data and AI Leadership Program is a course that offers a unique combination of management education and domain expertise development. We apply practical learnings from real-world problems to embed AI, machine learning and data analytics into the DNA of the organization, and to create the next generation of business leaders driving long-term strategic success.

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Data Literacy Program

Based on your strategic objectives, we design a program tailored for all functions and levels of seniority within your organization and with different levels of training intensity. We can also train your in-house trainers, to accelerate the scaling of your data and AI capabilities.

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Analytics Translator Program

The AI-native organization requires more than technical capabilities. It needs a new kind of manager – a ‘translator’, who understands data and AI and can communicate fluently with business leadership and technical specialists, translating requirements and expectations to deliver high-value AI solutions with real business impact.

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Generative AI training

You will be guided by proven experts in data and AI with extensive domain exposure, leveraging insights from diverse industries. Tap into our demonstrated track record in unlocking AI potential to discover what generative AI is and what you should do with it.

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Data Scientist Program

With the race to AI transformation well under way, competition for high-caliber staff is fierce. Talented people, equipped with new skills and new ways of thinking and working, will be key to realizing the value of AI. Gain’s Data Scientist program is designed to attract the best and brightest graduates and give them the best possible start to their career in AI and data science.

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Building data and AI capabilities to optimize the customer journey and adjust product offerings

ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is a leading Dutch bank, with over 22,500 employees and more than €400 billion in assets.



Designing a data-driven approach to create and maintain value is a leading online retail platform, serving over 13 million customers with 47 million products in partnership with 51,000 local entrepreneurs.


Benchmark your Data & AI maturity.

Discover how you rank against industry peers on Data & AI maturity.

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We are Data & AI partner to the leaders of tomorrow.

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