For businesses to make the cut and stay relevant in the future, they must build and maintain a data-savvy workforce across all functions of the organization. This means that large parts of your organization – including non-technical teams – must at least have a basic understanding of data, analytics and AI.

This course is designed to prepare your business for a data and AI-first future. Depending on the corporate functions and seniority level, the content is adapted so that participants acquire the right language, knowledge and tools needed in day-to-day decision making. 

Learning Goals

  • One language: Being able to have a conversation with anyone in the company about AI using the same terminology
  • Creating impact: Understanding how to realize impact with AI – the change process and its implications for the organization and its way of working
  • Being inspired: Walking away with at least one impactful idea on AI for your department or company
  • Experiencing the analytical process: Demystifying analytical models with hands-on experience and a toolbox for asking questions
  • Understanding the data technology: The steps in the technological process from data storage to the application layer

Our data literacy program is packed with real-world insights and practical challenges applicable to your business. It is developed by AI experts with extensive experience in teaching and implementing AI at the heart of many global top 500 companies, such as eBay and Rabobank. 

Based on your strategic objectives, we design a program tailored for all functions and levels of seniority within your organization and with different levels of training intensity. We can also train your in-house trainers, to accelerate the scaling of your data and AI capabilities.

AI concepts and opportunities:

Understand the significance of AI and how it compares to traditional statistical methods. Learn the universal terminology and language of AI. And translate these lessons into identifying opportunities in your own business, through leading case examples and exercises.

Creating impact and change with AI:

Understand all the aspects required to lead and guide AI change in your business, including how to accelerate and scale AI solutions and build an organization with the right AI skills.

The AI technology platform:

Learn about the drivers of AI innovation in the technology landscape and how companies make AI operationalization possible. Become familiar with the AI engineering skills and technical developments, crucial for anyone working with AI.

AI algorithms demystified:

Learn the fundamental steps to develop and manage AI algorithms and the key questions to pose at each stage of the AI development cycle. Above all, acquire the tools to establish and challenge the quality and fairness of models.

Launched in 2021, the program was fully operational with around 1,500 participants completing classroom training by 2023. An in-house team of around 50 trainers has been selected, trained and certified, and we are on track to achieve the 17,500 participant target by 2025.
What if we could enhance collaboration between business and technical teams to accelerate and amplify your AI and data transformation...
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