Gain's data scientist program is where our training programs started. Over the years we have developed and finetuned the program to train the future AI leaders of your organization. Many of our early participants now have leadership positions in data-driven organizations. The program has several parts and spans a multi-year period, but we make sure the participants start delivering value directly after the first bootcamp, which packs years of knowledge and experience into just six weeks.

Talent factory

Talent acquisition and development is one of the greatest obstacles to AI transformation. As an established institution with a global reputation, Gain can help you to find and attract the best and brightest aspiring data science professionals. And with our high-impact data scientist training programs, we can get them up to speed and delivering value for your business quickly and cost-efficiently.

With the race to AI transformation well under way, competition for high-caliber staff is fierce. Talented people, equipped with new skills and new ways of thinking and working, will be key to realizing the value of AI. Gain's Data Scientist program is designed to attract the best and brightest graduates and give them the best possible start to their career in AI and data science.

The program consists of four unique and complementary parts

We pre-select high potential candidates from our deep data and AI talent pipeline. You pick your ideal candidate


We prepare your candidate to hit the ground running through a six-week high intensity bootcamp


Value creation outperformance is secured during five expert weeks and a potential exchange to further build both business and technical skills


During the final phase, your data scientist is prepared for a leadership role through a highly interactive 4 x 2 days Data & AI Leadership program

Data Science Bootcamp

The central pillar of our data scientist program is the six-week bootcamp. Over 15 years, this intensive, highly accelerated, full-time course has been proven to provide future leaders with the knowledge, practical skills, tools and experience they need to create real impact with AI and data.

The program is organized into themed weeks, each week focusing on a real-world challenge that the business is currently facing. Participants learn the 'soft' skills – data visualization, pyramid proof storylining and stakeholder management – required to formulate a solution and build a business case. And they also obtain the 'hard' skills – Python coding, regression and classification modelling and cloud computing – to implement the solution at scale.

Individual and business transformation

The program is designed to deliver a transformative experience, inspiring participants to develop and internalize a powerful, integrated skill set around four competency domains, focused on delivering business impact through a structured process:

  • Identify opportunities, understand how to structure use cases and work on them effectively in a team
  • Present impactful analytical storylines and be effective in basic stakeholder conversations
  • Execute explorative analysis techniques and apply machine learning models (both classification and regression)
  • Implement scalable solutions, operationalize models, work in the cloud and build AI applications
Gain's data scientist program is a fast, cost-efficient and highly effective way to fuse AI and data into the DNA of the organization, establishing and embedding a cohort of skilled and experienced data professionals, fully equipped to take on the challenges of AI transformation.
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