Our Data Scientist Team Program blends technical depth with business expertise to empower your existing data scientists to not only push the limits of possibility but also to deliver targeted improvements in your organizational performance.

Evolving your capability

You’ve built a strong data team, but you haven’t won the war for talent just yet. The speed at which AI is developing means every data scientist is at the beginning of a journey – one that you want them to continue with you. Our Data Scientist Program emerged from client requests to extend elements of our Data Talent Factory to existing team members as well as new hires. This led us to develop a customizable three to four-week mini bootcamp option that’s curated specifically for your organization, to meet the needs of your team and your goals.

As the transformational potential offered by AI increases at speed, so do the demands on your data scientists. Our Data Scientist Program is designed to nurture and advance your existing talent, equipping your team with the skills to extend the limits of what’s possible with data and AI.

The program consists of three core phases:

A capability assessment enables us to identify gaps in your team’s competencies and design a tailored program around the needs of your cohort and your business goals.

Mini bootcamp

The mini bootcamp is the central pillar of our data scientist program. It offers a similar immersive experience to our Data Talent Factory but is unique to your organization and delivered in three to four separate week-long blocks.

Data Talent Factory

Where relevant, individual participants can be offered the option to accelerate their development further by signing up to our growth weeks (up to five weeks over a two-year period) or enrolling on to the leadership program.

From strategy to scale
Our Data Scientist Program is designed to empower your data scientists to develop and deploy data and AI solutions that drive high impact transformation rapidly, and at scale.

As a result, whereas most data and AI training programs zoom in on the functional aspects of the data scientist role, at GAIN, our course content is broader and incorporates:

  • 'Soft' skills required to formulate a solution and build a business case, such as data visualization, pyramid proof story-lining and stakeholder management.
  • 'Hard' skills needed to implement solutions at scale, including coding, applied machine learning and cloud computing etc.

By revamping their hard skills and sparking and leveraging their leadership, communication, visualization, structured problem solving skills, we are literally rewiring the way data scientists think. The eventual goal of this program is to empower them to be entrepreneurs within the business: able to pick up and drive impactful change in the organization, one algorithmic solution at a time.

Your data scientists can build the finest analytical model in the world, but if it doesn’t deliver the business outcomes you need, its value is limited. We work with you to curate a three to four-week bootcamp to empower your data scientists with the functional skills and business expertise to translate complex data science into a top-line enhancing strategic asset.
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