An arsenal of algorithms ready to reinvent process, performance and possibility.

We equip your people with the concepts, tools and techniques required to embed AI and data transformation into the DNA of your business.

GAIN occupies a unique position as both consultant and educator. Our training methodology is built on learnings from hundreds of successful AI projects in some of the largest and most progressive businesses in the world.  

Our programs are designed to provide transformative experiences for individual participants, while giving the organization a proven framework for implementing new processes and techniques at scale.

AI and data are transforming how we work. Everyone has new ways of thinking to internalize, new tools to master and new skills to learn – from your graduates to your C-suite, across all business and technical functions. Only by building these strong foundations can you ensure the long-term success of your AI transformation.

GAIN serves three key audience groups

Business Leaders

Leadership teams need to understand the potential of AI, and its limitations, to shape the change agenda and ensure transformation strategies are aligned with both commercial objectives and ethical values.

Our leadership programs create the intellectual infrastructure necessary for informed management buy-in and a culture of AI-driven, data-led change and innovation.

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We enable managers from across the business to internalize new ways of thinking and problem-solving using AI and data capabilities. We empower them to act as the bridge between technical specialists and their business counterparts. And we equip them with the tools and skills to conceive, design, promote and execute solutions to operationalize AI and data at scale.

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Data & AI Specialists

Our Data and AI Specialist programs are designed for the people working at the frontline of data and AI – the data scientists, engineers and analysts.

We help these technical specialists to acquire the skills they need to create the algorithms, build the data infrastructure, steer teams on content, produce models and analyses, and create long-term, sustainable impact.

Our own internal technical specialists are all trained with these programs, which we have developed and refined over more than 15 years in the field.

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We recognized early that to be successful with machine learning, it is not enough to have a central team of excellent data scientists and engineers who can make all this analytical magic happen. To bring real value, you need people that connect to the business and understand business processes. People that can identify opportunities and translate them in terms of what you need from data, algorithms, and AI technology.
Sandra Oudshoff
Senior Consultant, Heineken Global Center of Excellence for Advanced Analytics

The insight to lead AI transformation

We help business leaders to build trust, inspire stakeholders and express their vision as a leader in responsible AI.

The understanding to create business impact at scale

We help managers translate business strategy into technical solutions and steer AI integration across the organization.

The skills to build world-class solutions

We help technical specialists to connect infrastructure, data, models and applications to deliver powerful, scalable AI solutions.

What if one organization could guide your entire team to the successful realization of the AI opportunity...
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