Complaints Procedure

GAIN does everything it can to provide the best possible service. However, it may occur that you are not satisfied. In this case, you can submit your complaints or comments and we will treat these in confidence and will try to find a solution with you.

For this we have created GAIN® Disputes Committee. The GAIN® Disputes Committee consists of at least four members appointed by the external educational board:

  • One independent chairman
  • One participant from a GAIn business program
  • One participant of the Data Science or AI Engineering Track
  • One accountable person for implementation of the GAIn programs

The GAIN® Disputes Committee takes the following procedures into account:

1. Deadline for submitting a complaint

Complaints about the implementation of the agreement must be submitted to GAIN® Disputes Committee in a timely manner, completely, and clearly. ‘Timely’ means within a reasonable period after the (prospective) participant has discovered or has been able to observe the defects. Failure to submit the complaint in time may result in the (prospective) participant losing his or her rights in this matter.

2. Awareness

Complaints must be made known to the GAIN® Disputes Committee by e-mail to:

The GAIN® Disputes Committee only handles written complaints. The (prospective) participant must provide a motivated explanation of the content of the complaint. The (prospective) participant also should mention the course (variant), the location, and the name of the teacher in order to facilitate rapid processing. If the solution is relatively easy, the (prospective) participant will be approached by telephone about the complaint.

3. Privacy

A complaint will always be treated confidentially by the GAIN® Disputes Committee.

4. Confirmation of complaint

The GAIN® Disputes Committee will send a written confirmation of receipt to the complainant within five days of receipt of the written complaint. If a solution cannot be offered immediately, it will be indicated that a further investigation will be started and the complaint will be dealt with.

5. Investigate the complaint

The GAIN® Disputes Committee is obliged to start a further investigation into the submitted complaint and strives to be able to take measures within one month with which the complainant can agree. Complaints are handled under the responsibility of the the GAIN® Disputes Committee chairman. All GAIN® employees are obliged to cooperate with the investigation of complaints on request.

6. Response to the inquiry

The GAIN® Disputes Committee will correspond with the complainant about the outcome of the investigation, the decision taken and any follow-up actions within the period communicated in point 5.

7. Dispute settlement

If the complaint cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the dispute can be submitted to an independent third party: Daaijer Mediation & Conflict Handling via

  1. The mediator will only handle a dispute if the (prospective) participant has first submitted his or her complaint to the GAIN® Disputes Committee and this has not resulted in a solution that is satisfactory to both parties. In order to then be able to submit the dispute to the mediator, the complainant must indicate in writing that the outcome of the complaints procedure has no led to a satisfactory result. If the complainant subsequently states that he or she will appeal to the mediator, this constitutes a formal dispute.
  2. A dispute must be brought to the mediator within three months of its occurrence.
  3. When the (prospective) participant submits a dispute to the mediator, GAIN® is bound by this choice.
  4. If the GAIN® Disputes Committee wants to submit a dispute to the mediator, it must first ask the (prospective) participant in writing to express his or her agreement within 4 weeks. The GAIN® Disputes Committee must also announce that, after the aforementioned term has expired, it considers itself free to submit the dispute to the ordinary court.
  5. The mediator makes a decision with due observance of the provisions of the regulations applicable to it. The mediator’s decision takes the form of a binding advice for the GAIN®/Analytical Academy. Any consequences will be handled by GAIn ®/Analytical Academy within four weeks.
8. Registration and archiving of complaints

The the GAIN® Disputes Committee is responsible for the registration, archiving, and reporting of complaints and the way in which they are handled. Complaints and the manner and status of handling are reported on a monthly basis and will be discussed in the Educational Board meetings. Complaint reports are archived for a period of three years.

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