Empower your business managers to drive data and AI transformation by giving them the skills to communicate with technical and non-technical teams.

A new generation of AI-savvy managers

As data science and AI engineering become more technically complex, integrating them into the business becomes more of a challenge. Leadership needs to understand the changing capabilities and limitations of the technologies, and technical specialists need to understand the goals and priorities of the business. These things don't happen by themselves.

Successful AI-native organizations solve the problem with Data and AI Translators – a new kind of manager, trained to act as a bridge between technical experts and non-technical stakeholders.

We've trained managers for some of the world's most progressive companies. Our programs empower both experienced and aspiring managers with a versatile skill set, that combines technical proficiency with the ability to communicate with diverse team members and leadership.

Every level. Every function

Gain’s experienced practitioners and educators help create a new generation of business managers for the AI age, with the skills and knowledge to translate technical expertise into lasting business impact. This includes abilities such as:

  • Understanding the underlying concepts of machine learning and generative AI, and learning the new ways of thinking and working required to operationalize them.
  • Understanding what the technology can and can't (yet) do, and learning how to prioritize use cases to maximize value.
  • Translating complex data and AI concepts into language that non-technical stakeholders can grasp, and ensuring that insights from data analytics and AI models are communicated in a way that aligns with the organization's overarching goals and objectives.
  • Understanding the development lifecycle of AI solutions and how to integrate them into the organization, including change management and process reengineering.
Our programs equip managers with the skills to identify, validate and communicate the business case for AI solutions, and lead multi-disciplinary development teams to deliver them at scale.
While the development or ‘production’ of AI algorithms tends to get all the glory, for AI solutions to materially affect business, it’s critical to have willing and capable consumers of AI — people within the business with the desire and ability to exploit AI solutions to make a difference.
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