AI in Transport & Mobility

We’re helping businesses across the industry to use data and AI to tackle everything from optimizing pricing to navigating congestion.

From working with national railways to lease companies, we’re broadening the use of AI across your sector to make it more efficient, more profitable, safer, and greener.

Rising passenger numbers, complex transport networks, tightly-planned timetables, demands to reduce environmental impact – we’re working across the transportation industry to develop and implement more ways for artificial intelligence to help overcome some of the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Transforming transportation with AI

Whether you operate in passenger transport, logistics or shipping, our solutions can empower you to maximize profitability and elevate journey experience. From using our pricing algorithms to optimize fares and cargo rates, to using predictive analytics to navigate congestion, optimize route planning, reduce wait times, and improve fuel efficiency  

We not only deliver seamless deployments, we also work with you to build your capability to continually evolve and grow your AI usage. From training your leaders on data requirements to helping your data specialists see their work through a more commercially-focused lens.

What if we could use our AI algorithms to set optimal pricing that considers competitor pricing, demand fluctuations, and historical customer buying behavior?
We can.
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Our clients

Our impact


Year 1 working capital reduction

AI-powered standardization of car part procurement delivered a 31% working capital reduction.


Revenue uplift

Our price optimization engine for a leading online car selling platform delivered incremental price increases on annual sales, worth as much as €75M in additional revenue.


Estimated price uplift per vehicle

Pricing efficiency and improved customer service from our AI program delivered a value increase of as much as 0.5% for our Fleets sales client.


Increase in forecast accuracy

Usage-based AI-powered cost predictions on a client level, were so accurate that they replaced formal financial forecast reporting.

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