Promotion Optimization Engine

With our AI-powered promotion models, you gain the intelligence to offer the right offers at the optimal time via the most effective channel.

Promotions are critical to retail success, but execution based on shallow analysis, inaccurate forecasts and guesswork can deliver disappointing results. Our highly accurate AI-powered forecasts avoid the cost and inconvenience of misjudging promotion-driven demand.

Execute promotions with confidence

Underestimating the demand impact of a promotion can cause low availability and lost sales, while overly optimistic projections inevitably end in increasing spoilage and future markdown losses. We’ve developed a suite of algorithms that put promotional effectiveness under the microscope. By modelling a broad range of underlying promotion effects, we reveal deeper and more reliable insights into buying behavior – correlations that are usually invisible to the human eye.

Making your promotions more profitable

We deploy an advanced algorithmic system to simulate scenarios and accurately predict promotional uplifts. The promotion effects analyzed include: direct impact on sales, cannibalization, substitution, rest-of-basket sales, new customer acquisition, hoarding, over-ordering, product adoption, brand switching, and loyalty. With this insight you can align your operational systems and stock levels to ensure a seamless customer experience.

By modelling the intertwining impacts promotions can have on consumer buying patterns, we optimize your entire promotional portfolio to minimize miscalculation and maximize ROI.

Our track record speaks volumes


Driving up bottom-line value

You gain the confidence to set your pricing, campaign duration, timing, and other parameters to boost bottom-line margin on promotions by 20%-30%.


Reducing lost sales and customer dissatisfaction

Accurate forecasting allows your business to maintain enough stock to satisfy fluctuations in customer demand. This can equate to a 10% reduction in lost sales.

What if you would know the exact outcome of your promotions upfront, and could use this to steer your strategy and obtain the optimal balance between short-term gains and long-term customer loyalty?
We can.
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