AI in Agriculture & Food

From using AI to maximize crop yields to operationalizing data to find ways to improve environmental performance – our AI solutions help businesses to tackle the conflicting pressures facing the industry.

As data and AI partner to some of the most pioneering players in food and agriculture, we’re continuously advancing the performance frontier of artificial intelligence across your sector.

Population growth is creating increased demand for food production. While climate change is putting rising strain on agricultural production and water resources. With advanced AI and algorithms, we can support your business to navigate these conflicting pressures.

Driving the future for AI applications in agriculture

Changing climate, rising demand for food and an increasing drive to be more sustainable makes it crucial for businesses in your sector to react rapidly and in the right way. These critical market drivers, combined with long and complex development processes together create huge data and AI potential for your industry. 

We’re working with companies across your sector to develop and operationalize high-impact AI use cases. From helping your data scientists apply algorithms to determine optimal crop yield, to guiding your leaders on how by using machine learning in farming you can minimize waste and negative environmental effects. 

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