AI in Life Sciences

With a whole range of powerful use cases for AI in the sector, we identify the value pools that deliver the greatest impact and help you scale them to maximize value potential.

With scaling, closed-loop AI systems, we empower you to reengineer your processes, so you can develop life-saving therapies more efficiently and reach the patients who will benefit from them most, faster.

From expediting drug discovery and de-risking clinical trials, to streamlining production and enabling your sales reps to personalize their approaches – we work with you to build the capability to rapidly implement a wide range of AI use cases at scale and to achieve maximum impact.

Developing scalable and sustainable AI capabilities

Compared to the AI maturity of other industries, most life sciences and pharmaceutical businesses are in the early stages of realizing the potential of AI. Although there are many reasons for this, a key issue is the highly decentralized nature of pharmaceutical companies and wide variety of use case types across the value chain. This typically leads to an artisanal approach to data and AI development that results in limited scale and lots of replication of efforts. Our experience has shown that more impact can be achieved by breaking down data silos and building the capabilities to deploy AI more systematically across the business areas (e.g. function, therapeutic area). 

As well as helping you invest in and develop the right use cases, we’ll also help you find, develop, and nurture the skills your teams need to replicate and scale use cases more efficiently. By doing this, we empower you with the technology, talent, and governance to build and scale data and AI applications across the entire life sciences value chain at speed.

What if we could not only help you build the right use cases and data foundations, but also help you find and develop the talent you need to continually expand and evolve your use of AI?
We can.
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