Rewire is a foundational supporter of exquAIro, a non-profit initiative supporting ground-breaking medical research through the provision of expertise, resources and education in AI and data analytics.

Collaborating for a healthier world

Medical science produces more data than any other discipline – a quantum that’s doubling every seven months. Thanks to advances in AI and data analytics, this data can be applied to solving the world’s toughest healthcare challenges with transformative breakthroughs in understanding, diagnosis, and accelerated drug development.

Through exquAIro, Rewire and GAIN are playing a leadership role in AI-driven medical research, contributing to a healthier future for all while growing and enhancing our own capabilities at the forefront of AI and data transformation.

As funding partners of exquAIro for 2023-26, Rewire and GAIN provide essential support in two key areas:

Research teams
We fund two dedicated data science teams and initiate two new research streams each year, either building on previous research or venturing into new territory. Working closely with specialist researchers in academic institutions and in the medical sector, our work has been published in leading academic journals including Nature and EAACI’s Allergy.

Education and training
We provide AI education for pharmaceutical and medical research professionals, enabling them to leverage rich datasets and sophisticated machine learning techniques in the development of new therapies. In addition, we support downstream teams to bring these new therapies to market more quickly and efficiently, with programs taught by field experts and practitioners, based on GAIN’s proven methodology.

Two-way street
In the best tradition of collaborative discovery, as well as helping push the frontiers of medical discovery, exquAIro provides GAIN’s team of expert educators with abundant learning opportunities. In fact, a number of modules in the GAIN curriculum spring from innovations developed with exquAIro, including Image Recognition, Bayesian Networks, and Causal Inference.

And our exposure to best practices in medical research – the most robust standards framework there is – has directly informed our own standards for AI modelling. This has directly benefitted our clients, and helped shape Rewire’s analytical approach to increasingly large and complex datasets.

exquAIro is an initiative of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), supported by Rewire and GAIN along with university and pharmaceutical research organizations, to bring the transformative power of AI and data to medical research and education.
Never stop learning. Great didactic quality, so a pleasure to attend this training.
Professor Gerard Koppelman
Pediatric Pulmonologist and Program Leader, Groningen Research Institute of Asthma and COPD, UMCG
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