AI in Telecommunications

We’re advising some of the most disruptive brands across the sector on how to harness the power of data and AI to outperform norms of performance.

Rewire brings years of experience as data and AI partner to transformative businesses at the forefront of technology-driven change in the telecommunications sector.

Access to vast volumes of data creates a powerful AI opportunity in telecommunications. But it takes strategic vision and advanced AI proficiency to bring all the data sources together and identify the optimal use cases. That’s where Rewire steps in.

Advancing AI applications in telecommunications

By helping telecommunications providers get their artificial intelligence infrastructure and deployments right, we give them data-driven ammunition to outperform their competitors. 

Over the years, the scope of AI use cases in this sector has widened significantly. Initially there was a strong focus on the commercial elements – for example, customer experience prediction and personalized offerings and pricing. Today, we’re using our AI models more extensively to cover everything from optimizing network upgrades and maintenance to predicting consumption at the most granular level. And there’s still plentiful opportunity yet to explore.

What if we could transform the substantial data repositories of your telecommunications business into an AI-powered engine of business and operational insight?
We can.
Ask us how

Our clients

Our impact


Bottom-line growth

A price optimization engine developed for a Dutch telecommunications business streamlined and automated processes, significantly enhancing bottom-line results.


Lower energy consumption

Our AI-driven energy forecasting across the entire network of our Telco client, is almost halving company-wide energy consumption over the next 6 years.


Additional value

Our program for a leading European Telco yielded an additional €75m per year over years 1-3 by prioritizing high-value locations.


Year 1 ROI

We used AI-powered algorithms to help this Telco giant predict market share and revenue evolution, delivering a program ROI of 250% in the first year.

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