B2B Sales Optimization Engine

Our sales process optimization engine scales to cover tens of thousands of products and support thousands of sales reps. This transforms the sales performance of even the most vast and complex product and customer portfolios.

When your sales team lacks understanding of customer needs and behavior, they hand your competition the opportunity to win. This leads to missed sales opportunities and down-trading. Armed with our relevant, real-time predictive triggers, your sales managers can intervene at the optimal moment to close a deal, preventing churn and increasing share of wallet.

Optimizing sales opportunities

Our sales optimization engine organizes, analyzes, and optimizes vast volumes of data to establish correlations between customer behavior and order patterns. This creates models that predict everything from out-of-stock risk and real-time order windows to connecting warehouse positions to customer demand and creating opportunities for win-back. This depth and accessibility of insight fundamentally changes how your sales team interacts with your customers throughout the various stages of your sales funnel. 

A playbook for scaling impact rapidly

Using our proven models as a launchpad, we can advance from MVP to an operationalized and scalable AI solution rapidly. First impact is typically achieved within the first six months, and we’ve scaled solutions to cover more than 30 countries and business units in 12-18 months. Our focus is on applying AI to optimize the usability and impact of your data. This involves working with your people at several levels. With your sales leaders, so they have the foresight to unlock maximum business opportunity from AI. With your data specialists, to empower them to sustain and manage your solution in the future. And with your sales managers to build solutions that integrate seamlessly into your CRM platforms (e.g. Salesforce) and workflows. 

Driven and informed by real-time predictive triggers, our sales optimization engine makes every sales interaction more relevant, timely, and valuable.

Our track record speaks volumes


Increased sales revenue & market share

With sales optimization, you can generate 3%-7% additional profit and revenues annually.

+20 - 40%

Enhanced customer experience

Businesses using our sales optimization engine report a customer net promoter score (NPS) of +25.


More relevant sales interactions

Sales managers rate our sales solution 9 out of 10 for improving the relevance of interactions with customers.


Lifetime returns

Our sales optimizations typically deliver 100x lifetime ROI and an average pay-back-time of first year investment within 18 months

What if we said you could improve the reach of your sales strategies, generate more leads, prevent churn and maximize revenue potential, with bottom-line impact achieved in less than 12 months?
We can.
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