GenAI is a powerful tool, presenting endless opportunities for not only productivity gains but also top-line growth. But to maximize its potential and be truly transformative, GenAI needs to be backed by high quality data, a commercially-focused strategy and embedded deeply into your culture and processes. We can help.

From buzzword to business impact

Most existing GenAI applications relate to general work productivity – but Rewire’s role isn’t to help you adopt already cracked use cases. We think beyond coding assistants and software plug-ins that help you write emails faster, because by pushing new boundaries we unlock breakthrough benefits that generate truly transformational performance. Think chatbots that can learn from customer conversations, Gen-AI powered data analysis that uncovers deeper understanding of buying triggers, capability embedded into your R&D processes to expediate product development, and the ability to assess what-if supply chain scenarios in real-time so you can continually optimize your stock levels. We work with you to define a roadmap that embeds these more innovative applications of GenAI into your strategy and processes. 

Unlocking the freedom to take risks

There are risks and limitations to using GenAI, particularly when implementations are hurried or insufficiently integrated. For this reason, currently most business are pursuing limited experimentation with GenAI.  Working with an experienced partner, like Rewire, ensures robust governance is built into your implementation and supplemented with training delivered by AI experts. This ensures risk is mitigated and your people are equipped with the necessary skills and understanding to obtain maximum business impact from your GenAI investment.

The time to wait and see has passed. Whether you win or lose in your market may soon rely on having the best GenAI capability and the data foundations to support it. We can help you build this.

We deliver impact. Faster.
Get ahead of your competition

The scope of GenAI is endless. We help you identify and capture credible quick wins in the near term, while developing a roadmap to fully leverage GenAI in the medium- to long-term.

Amplify impact with GenAI

We can embed GenAI into existing data and AI value cases to enhance input, unlock unique benefits and realize new value cases.

Solutions underpinned by robust data foundations

GenAI solutions can only ever be as effective as the quality and availability of input data. We ensure your data foundations are structured to open up maximum opportunity for you to pursue your ambitions.

Reskilling your workforce

To reap the rewards of GenAI, we make sure your teams (from developers to managers and executives) understand its role in your strategy and know how to use it most effectively.

What if we could train an autonomous AI agent to pre-emptively resolve your customer issues and prevent undesirable customer interactions.
We can.
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