AI in Energy & Utilities

The energy transition is generating a tsunami of challenges across the entire energy value chain. We show you how by building superior capabilities in data and AI, you can overcome them.

The speed and success of the energy transition increasingly depends on the insight provided by powerful analytical tools. We help you build this critical data and AI capability.

There’s never been more urgency to apply AI across the energy value chain to expediate the energy transition. From understanding energy consumption patterns and more accurately forecasting supply and demand to accelerating the deployment of new energy infrastructure. Yet, there’s a shortage of data and AI capability across the sector. We empower you with the technology and talent to fill this gap.

Advancing the impact of AI across the energy value chain

Every element of the energy value chain is undergoing tremendous change – the shift from conventional generation to renewable, the growth of electrification, changes in consumption patterns, decentralization of supply. This is all happening at speed, at the same time. 

We arm energy providers with the insight, intelligence and data and AI capabilities they need to navigate the challenges facing their industry. This might be optimizing yield management to improve throughput in a conventional power plant. Or using predictive and preventive maintenance to extend the lifetime of a renewable asset. It could be developing a better understanding of consumption to enable cross-sales and, once the required infrastructure and regulation is in place, dynamic pricing. Or using data-driven workforce scheduling to optimize productivity. With scalable, self-learning models, we empower our energy clients to optimize how they supply, transmit, distribute, trade and sell energy and adapt to changes in demand in a more efficient and sustainable way.

What if we could use AI to optimize throughput in conventional plants, expand the lifespan of renewable assets, prevent grid failures and create a more effective approach to energy retail?
We can.
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Our clients

Our impact


Savings for customers

By helping a Dutch energy provider deliver an AI-powered customer experience, we enabled them to cuts customer energy bills by €7.4M.


Additional cross-selling revenues

We developed a Personal Conversation engine, enabling our energy client to make AI-powered recommendations to customers. generated a €4m increase in cross-sell revenues.


Growth though customer retention

Delivering an enhanced customer experience led to almost €3M revenue growth from increased loyalty.

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