AI in E-Commerce & Retail

Through our work with leading retail businesses, we’re advancing the scope and value of AI across a widening array of use cases – from supply chain and waste optimization to pricing and promotions.

We’re working with some of the most disruptive retail and ecommerce brands to advance their use of data and AI to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience – in a way that’s efficient, sustainable, and profitable. 

We help our clients to navigate and unleash the potential of AI from procurement to the shelf. Retailers today need to be able to fully leverage data and AI for far more than automating isolated tasks. Today’s data platforms have to enable demand prediction and supply chain optimization in order to serve an exploding number of customer touchpoints, to support immersive customer experiences and prevent large amounts of waste. 

Making your data a hard-working, strategic asset 

The retail and ecommerce landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Omnichannel retailing has led to a proliferation of customer touchpoints and a growing menu of fulfilment options. At the same time, the role of GenAI is expanding and retailers are under rising pressure to better anticipate and guide customer behavior, predict demand volatility, and respond faster to churn risks.

Embedding robust data and AI platforms at the core of your business breaks down data siloes and introduces AI-powered value streams that stretch across domains. Algorithms that unearth hidden patterns in customer behavior. Automations that power a range of fulfilment options. Predictive models that enable dynamic pricing and avoid waste at the same time. Digital assistants that help customers navigate seamlessly through product discovery. AI-powered demand forecasting that streamlines logistics and drastically reduces warehouse costs. Implementing AI in a more wide-reaching and holistic way gives our retail clients a powerful competitive edge, enabling them to become more efficient and sustainable. 

What if we could use AI-powered insight to more accurately identify churn risk, streamline your supply chain, reduce waste and deliver a competition-beating customer experience?
We can.
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Our clients

Our impact


Increased margin

Our AI-powered promotional engine for a leading Dutch supermarket delivered a 30% annual increase in margin on sales.


Increase in year 1 sales

Our international Marketing ROI engine for one of the world’s largest charity fundraising organizations informed real-time decision that delivered an immediate uplift in income.


Lower stock-outs

The scalable models developed for a family-owned supermarket chain optimized demand forecasting, leading to less empty shelves and more happy customers.

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