New DACH headquarters and a powerhouse team.

A strategic expansion for enhanced client services. By Wouter Huygen, CEO, Rewire.

We recently unveiled Rewire's new DACH headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. This expansion marks a significant milestone in our ambition to operationalize every aspect of Artificial Intelligence, and to help clients become AI-native organizations. The new office is led by a formidable leadership quartet: Christoph Sporleder, Dr. Philipp M. Diesinger, Amitai Golub, and Marco Thelen. Their collective expertise in data science, AI, and digital transformation heralds a new era of opportunities for our clients.

The DACH region, recognized for its dynamic economy, robust industrial sector, and skilled workforce, offers fertile ground for deploying advanced AI solutions that can revolutionize industry standards and operational efficiencies. For clients of Rewire, this expansion means direct access to advanced AI expertise within a region known for its innovation and strong economic performance. And by embedding ourselves in the economic fabric of the region, Rewire is positioned to gain deeper insights into the unique challenges and opportunities our clients face, allowing for more customized and impactful AI strategies.

Within that context, Heidelberg, with its rich cultural heritage, and innovation and education hubs, presents an ideal ecosystem. Thanks to its strategic location, the city offers access to technology-heavy industries across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, a region with a wide and diverse customer base. Moreover, the city's reputation as a centre of academic excellence, home to the world-class Heidelberg University, provides a steady stream of talented graduates and a vibrant research community – ideal for our clients who aim to innovate and stay ahead of the curve in competitive markets.

Bridging the gap between AI potential and implementation

Rewire helps clients bridge the gap between the theoretical potential of AI and its practical implementation, and to navigate the complexities of AI transformation. For this, Rewire’s DACH team can count on unparalleled leadership: Christoph Sporleder, serving as the Managing Partner of Rewire DACH in Heidelberg, brings deep understanding of IT, advanced analytics, and the intricacies of executive leadership and change management experience, honed at Quantum Black, McKinsey’s Artificial Intelligence centre of expertise.

Dr. Philipp M. Diesinger, with his academic roots in Heidelberg (he obtained a Ph.D. in theoretical physics at Heidelberg University before completing his post-doctoral research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), built and led Boehringer Ingelheim’s Global Data Science team. Later, as a Partner at BCG X, he focused on GenAI, commercial operations, and global digital transformations within the life science sector.

Amitai Golub's extensive experience in implementing data and AI transformations for large organizations adds another layer of depth to the team. His tenure at McKinsey, where he led MLOps and customer engagement transformations in pharma, equips him with cutting-edge methodologies and approaches to data-driven challenges.

Finally, Marco Thelen rounds out this all-star lineup with his profound expertise in driving large-scale data and AI transformations across various sectors. His leadership roles at Accenture Interactive, Roland Berger, Infosys, and Artefact, showcase his ability to lead and scale digital initiatives successfully.

A future-focused investment

The decision to expand into Heidelberg reflects our commitment to not only advancing the field of AI, but also ensuring that our clients are at the forefront of this technological revolution. In an era where speed and adaptability dictate market leadership, we look forward to delivering the benefits of data & AI, and advance the performance of our clients to new, previously impossible horizons.

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