Impact Study

Sales management leads to a 25% NPS increase

Global leader in production and distribution of chemicals and ingredients.


Sales and account managers sell thousands of products into hundreds of businesses. With fluctuating commodity prices and complex supply chains, it’s difficult to keep track of the needs and behaviors of so many customers. The human mind simply isn’t capable of processing and retaining that much dynamic information. As a result, sales opportunities were being missed and customers lost to competitors – often without the account manager even realizing.


Together with the client, we built and scaled an analytical engine to enable a more proactive sales approach that enhances customer service and increases lifetime value. The solution gathers data from internal and external sources to reveal patterns in customer behaviors and ordering practices. Sophisticated machine learning techniques are applied to anticipate demand events. Predictive triggers are built in to provide sales managers with real-time alerts of new sales opportunities as they arise. Including real-time feedback, to create and endless learning loop between human and machine.


The solution has been enthusiastically adopted, with sales managers reporting 90% improvement in their ability to anticipate and meet customer demands. This has yielded a >25% increase in customer satisfaction. Overall, the business has attributed an additional 4-6%growth to the service at a global scale.

Impact stats
Customer NPS increase.
Deeper understanding and proactive customer service significantly boost customer satisfaction.
Growth (uplift)
Proactively engaging with sales opportunities increases sales efficiency and volume.
User reviews
Sales managers rate the solution 9 out of 10 for improving relevance and service to customers.
My pro-active service call prevented that the customer ran out of stock. The customer thanked me a lot, and will probably stay for a long time.
Experienced sales manager
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