Impact Study

Increasing sales and marketing return on investment

Our client is a multinational organization raising funds for good causes across the world. Over the last decades our client has raised billions of dollars for good causes, making it one of the leading funds for charitable donations worldwide.


As part of its fundraising efforts, our client spends millions of euros annually on marketing, applying similar channel strategies across all its markets for both above- and below-the-line campaigns.  Historically, each local marketing team has used its own insights, metrics and buying practices to maximize fundraising in the short term. This lack of long-term group strategy or centralized marketing resources has led to a fragmented, tactical approach to marketing. The group needed to leverage economies of scale and adopt a strategic, group-wide approach to marketing.


We built an international Marketing ROI engine, combining a suite of attribution, cost and lifetime models built on top of standardized data products to support strategic marketing decisions. Drawing on bigger datasets, with more sophisticated analytical tools, marketing teams can now gain granular insight into activities and performance across all markets. This enables them to enhance short- and long-term performance and optimize marketing spend across the whole business. Performance metrics are continually fed back into the platform to create a virtuous circle of improvement.


The ability to share and scale insight and best practice has driven a 2-3% revenue uplift from a 10-20% increase in marketing ROI across the group. So far, the platform is credited with delivering millions of euros of direct sales, and this is just the beginning.  As the solution scales and matures, impact is expected to grow by 4-6x in sales uplift on a year-by-year basis.

Impact stats
Increase in marketing ROI.
The ability to share and scale insight and best practice has increased performance across the group.
Increase in year 1 sales so far.
More informed real-time decision making has driven an immediate uplift in sales.
Estimated additional donor funds.
Over time we expect total donations to global causes to increase by 4-6x.
By sharing data, analytics, and marketing best practice across all global markets, our fundraising organization can make more accurate and strategic marketing decisions. While this means higher revenue and increased profitability, the most important outcome is more funds available to channel into good causes around the world.
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