Impact Study

Saving money for customers with personalized engagement

Eneco is one of the leading energy suppliers in the Netherlands, providing gas and electricity to more than 2 million households, along with services such as boiler maintenance and building insulation.


The introduction of smart meters has driven a dramatic increase in detailed customer data. Eneco saw the potential to leverage this data to personalize their customer experience and develop into an ‘energy-as-a-service’ provider. However, they were struggling to develop effective operational models, due to a fragmented data landscape and variable levels of available data per customer.


We developed a Personal Conversation Engine (PCE) to give energy-related advice to Eneco customers. 14 different advice options were implemented, using a combination of customer interaction data, detailed smart meter energy data, and historical data from relevant households.


The PCE has delivered personalized recommendations to 2 million households in an automated way. As well as delivering an enhanced customer experience, this advice translates into energy savings worth €7.4M for Eneco customers. In company terms, the value of the PCE over a five-year period is €7.1M.

Impact stats
Savings for customers
Advice delivered by the PCE provided €7.4M cost savings across the Eneco customer base.
More effective cross-selling
More effective cross-selling generated a €4m increase in revenues.
Improved customer retention
Delivering an enhanced customer experience led to almost €3M revenue growth from increased loyalty.
In the first phase of the PCE roll-out, we developed 14 models. This allowed Eneco to start building buy-in and ROI rapidly. From here, with more than 170 potential recommendations initiatives identified, the gains for customers and company will compound over time as this solution continues to build and scale.
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