Impact Study

Building Global AI Capability

Our client is a multinational organization raising funds for good causes across the world. Over the last decades our client has raised billions of dollars for good causes, making it one of the leading funds for charitable donations worldwide.


Historically, the international fundraising group has been organized in a very decentralized way, with each local entity operating more or less autonomously. While this has allowed for a highly adaptable approach to local market conditions, it has limited the ability of the wider group to derive optimal benefit from certain economies of scale, especially around sharing best-practices, insights, tools and expertise. In addition this led to the challenge to attract (international) top talent, especially in Data, AI & Analytics.


Together with all market organizations, we helped build the organization’s International Analytic Hub, a true Center of Excellence for Data, AI, and Analytics to leverage the best models, insights, tools and talent across the group. The solution is designed to accomplish three core objectives:

  1. A global organization, including governance, ways of working best practices and value tracking
  2. A shared Data & AI technology platform to rapidly scale and share best-practice ML models and data across the group
  3. A common capability for recruiting, training and upskilling data scientists, analysts, business leaders and marketing teams.


Roll-out is ongoing, but already the group has outperformed a number of KPIs within the core objectives. Common global governance standards have been established, including ways of working, best-practice sharing and international value tracking. We’ve built a powerful international data and machine learning platform to pool assets, standardized definitions and developed best-practice models at scale. And a number of market organizations have recruited and trained talent to work at a higher international level and provide training in Data & AI for business leaders across markets.

Impact stats
Top recruits
International top-talents recruited and trained (ongoing)

Pilot programs
Pilots running on a monthly basis (ongoing)
Data products
International data products operationalized (ongoing)
Our fundraising organization's international Analytic Hub provides a strong foundation on which the group can build an AI-native future for its global organization. By establishing a powerful shared platform for Data, AI, and Analytics, individual markets can benefit from the best models, insights, tools and talent across the group while retaining full operational autonomy.
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